Collaborative Content Design- IxDASyd Feb 20 2020

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The collaborative craft of content design  – Mel Flanagan

Content, data, information, are the foundation of all products and services. Whether you are building a product, making a digital service, running a campaign, words and language are how we interact with each other – they can either connect, engage or alienate people.

As the UK Government eloquently states “Content is the user experience”. There is a growing movement of content strategists. A content designer is the person who does the doing. And it’s important to get them on early.

Creating content is a collaborative craft. Mel will take you on a whirlwind tour of Nook’s content design process, case studies, and the different entry point of how content fits into projects and products. She’ll explain why the ‘I’ is before the ‘T’ in IT. And why, if you want to make great products (and avoid a content crisis), everyone in your organisation needs to understand the value of content design, what needs to be done when, with who.

Recap of interaction20, Milan

As you may or may not know,Feb 3-7 is Interaction week and this year it was in Milano, Italy. Three Australians presented, including Tim Yeo, who took his October Leadership for Introverts to new shores. Joe will be giving a quick recap of the highlights as well inviting you to submit your ideas to next year’s interaction21 in Montreal.

About the speakers:

Mel Flanagan

Monochrome portrait of Mel Flanagan

Mel is a creative technologist, storyteller, information experience and service designer, and founder of Nook Studios. She used to be a film and theatre maker. Now she is an open government and transparency revolutionary – using content to bring complex information life, making data accessible to combat corruption – and designing products that people love. Her favourite past time is changing the status quo by making useful, strategic content and raising awareness about the value of participatory design.

Joe Ortenzi

Joe has been a local leader for IxDASydney since 2013 and an interaction designer for a very long time. Yes, I remember both Flash and Dial-up modems and Mosaic. As well as running the #IxDASyd for years, bringing the best of Sydneysider, Australian and global presenters, workshop facilitators and ideators to us, he’s led projects, teams and businesses to the bright side of better interactions and services.


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