IxDA Sydney Podcast Season 2

Episode 5: Grishma Jena | Why data science and design research is the perfect duo

In this episode, Jessica and Vinita speak with Grishma about the importance of data science within product development. Grishma is a data scientist with the UX research operations team in IBM in San Francisco. In her team, she supports a design and research team of over 80 where she uses data to understand user struggles and opportunities to enhance user experiences.

We cover the following themes:

  • The value of data in storytelling and using successful case studies to demonstrate the impact of research on business metrics
  • How to communicate the importance of research to organisations that may not have fully embraced it
  • How data scientists can collaborate with researchers and designers
  • The future of research in design and product development

    Episode 4: Nina Ajnira Karisik | Breaking barriers: Overcoming unconscious bias as a tech self-starter

    In this episode, Vinita and Sam talk to software engineer and SHE codes mentor, Nina Ajnira Karisik, to discuss how to break into the tech industry as a self-starter, dealing with unconscious bias, and how to overcome these barriers to achieve success.

    We cover the following themes:

    • Finding her feet in tech as a self-starter
    • How unconscious bias has affected her career
    • The benefits and limitations of AI in programming
    • The co-dependence between design and programming

    Episode 3: Kate Linton | Web accessibility, designing a world that works for everyone

    Join hosts Jessica and Sam as they sit down with Kate Linton, the Global Design Lead at ThoughtWorks, to discuss the critical role of accessibility in designing successful customer experiences. Discover how Kate has used her experience to gain valuable insights into creating intuitive and accessible designs that cater to a diverse range of users. We cover the following themes:

    • How incorporating accessibility after launching your product can be quite difficult.
    • The challenges of working with stakeholders to ensure accessibility is top of mind
    • Tips for incorporating neurodiversity into your design choices.
    • How small improvements can lead to a big impact on accessibility

    By taking small steps to improve your digital accessibility, you can make a huge difference for people with disabilities and ensure your content is accessible for all. Let’s make the digital world a more inclusive place for everyone! 

    Episode 2: Mark Monfort | Designing for the fundamentals of Web3

    In our second episode of the season, we’re jumping straight into the world of Web3, chatting with Mark Monfort, a TradFi native turned DeFi advocate who is passionate about building communities and bringing about more mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

    We’ll be covering the following themes:

    • Where to get started in the Web3 / blockchain space
    • Breaking down popular buzz words
    • Creating ethical, equitable, inclusive systems from scratch
    • The history of blockchain technology
    • A different way of building, with the community in mind
    • Where designers play a role and designing for good

    In this conversation, we travel with Mark on the journey through the Web3 space – from tracing the history of crypto and NFTs, to breaking down popular buzzwords.

    Episode 1: Felix Lee | From spreadsheet to worldwide success: the incredible journey of ADPList

    Join us for a fascinating conversation with Felix Lee, co-founder, and CEO of ADPList, the world’s largest mentorship platform for the tech industry. In this episode, we’ll hear Felix’s story and how ADPList came to be and discuss the importance of mentorship and its impact on careers.

    We’ll be covering the following themes:

    • Felix’s background and journey before ADPList
    • The Singapore design scene and why design is integral to progressing organizations forward
    • The creation of ADPList and how the platform has evolved over time
    • ADPLists’s journey to finding product-market fit
    • The importance of democraticising mentorship in personal and professional growth
    • The future vision of ADPList and its continued impact on the tech industry

    Started in 2021, ADPList is the world’s largest mentorship platform for people in tech industry. Since then, Felix has overseen ADPList’s growth to become a community of over ten thousand Mentors who have mentored over ten million minutes across 140+ countries and regions.