Latest Past Events

Introduction to Endineering with Joe MacLeod

Zoom session

The four hour Zoom session will be a mix of lectures, individual and group activities. Attendees will investigate bespoke new tools and approaches to help them create world class consumer experiences. They gain practical skills that improve the design of product, service and digital off-boarding. The course will be limited to 20 seats, one person

Better onboarding journeys, with Krystal Higgins

What do workplace orientation sessions, carousels, instructional videos, a peppy paperclip, and user manuals have in common? They’re all attempts to onboard people to new spaces. In this fully online Zoom session, Krystal takes you through several aspects of creating good onboarding sessions. The course will be limited to 20 seats, one person per ticket.


IxDA Sydney/UX Australia 2020 Portfolio Review

In collaboration with UX Australia, IxDA Sydney will be holding an online portfolio review session with top UX Seniors and Managers on the evening of August 26 Via Zoom. This is an opportunity to have your portfolio reviewed by an expert Experience Designer without the pressure of a real job interview. Use the session to