IxDA Mentoring Programme

IxDA Sydney is proud to have successfully run the mentoring programme since 2012 to provide the opportunities for interaction design/UX designers of all levels to learn from more experienced professionals in the industry.

The programme runs in 2 sessions each year:

  • Session 1 (March – May): One-on-one match*
    • One-on-one pair matching between mentors and mentee
    • Applications are now open for Session 1 2020
  • Session 2 (August – November): Mentoring circles*;
    • Group mentoring where 2 mentors are matched with 6-8 mentees per group. Groups are created based on a specific topic/interests such as: Interaction Design, Research, etc. More details of the group mentoring will be announced closer to the start of the session period.
    • Applications and planning for session 2 will be held around June/July

Please make sure that you join our IxDA Sydney mailing list so you can receive the latest updates on when the program starts.

*Session type might change depending on the availability.

Who is it for?

The program is open to all IxDA members, who express their interest in becoming a mentor or seeking to be mentored.

How do I apply?

  • Applications have now closed for session 1 of the 2020 mentoring programme, one-on-one mentoring.
  • Applications for session 2, the mentoring circles/group mentoring, will open mid-year. Make sure you’re on the IXDA Sydney mailing list to find out when applications open.

What do I need to get involved?

  • Your passion and enthusiasm to learn
  • Your time commitments. We highly recommend that you allocate at least an hour a fortnight to catch-up with your mentor/mentee
  • Be a mentor! Mentors are always high in demand. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to enhance their skills and develop their leadership skills by mentoring others with less experience.

How does it work?

  1. Before each term, the mentoring team will send out an invitation seeking your interest in becoming a mentor or a mentee in a form of a survey. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee, please fill in the survey by the due date.
  2. The mentoring team will read and analyse each response to find a match between a mentee and a suitable mentor for ‘One on one’ session or assign them to the right group for the ‘Mentoring Circles’ session based on their skills, learning objectives and needs.
  3. The mentoring team will then contact all participants to let them know if they have been successfully matched or not. For the ‘One on one’ session, the number of successful matches is highly determined by the availability of mentors. So, we are always in need of more mentors!
  4. The successfully matched applicants will be contacted directly to introduce the mentors and mentee with their contact numbers and how to get started
  5. Once the session starts, the mentor and mentee can start to schedule the first meeting. We recommend that you do this within the first two weeks after you receive the email from us.
  6. The mentoring team will contact you to check in that everything went smoothly as it should. We are here to support you to make sure that you have everything you need to get started.

Being a mentor

Being a mentor is a great way to enhance your skills by teaching other less experience than yours, learn new skills, practice your leadership skills and spread your network in the industry.

Your role as a mentor is to:

  • Help your mentee to identify their strengths and capitalise on them
  • Help your mentee to clarify their goals
  • Motivate and inspire
  • Broaden perspectives and ways of thinking
  • Support your mentee in achieving their goals
  • You don’t have to feel like you need a massive amount of experience to mentor someone. A student or graduate can learn a lot from someone who might only be industry for 1-2 years.

We provide a set of guidelines to help you get started to be a mentor.

Being a mentee

Mentorship is a great way to accelerate your skills by receiving guidance from professionals in the industry.

As a mentee, you are expected to:

  • Work with your mentor in achieving your goals
  • Participate and commit to do your best in the program
  • Respect the time and commitment that your mentor has provided

We provide a set of guidelines for mentees.

Other resources/links

We have collected some tools and resources that you might find useful in your mentoring session. Feel free to use this as you see appropriate.

If you would like to add/share your resources to this list, please contact the mentoring team at


Use the following guidelines to help you get started. Use this as a guideline not a rule!



Mentoring Programme Code of Conduct

IxDA is committed to creating a safe and respectful community that is free of  harassment. We expect all participants to follow the IxDA Global Code of Conduct policy.

In addition, the IXDA Sydney volunteers do all that we can to make this Mentoring Programme a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. We expect all Mentoring Programme participants to follow the following additional rules:

Confidentiality, Privacy and Data Sharing

IxDA Sydney treats confidentiality, privacy and data sharing very seriously. We would like to ask you to follow the following rules, whether your mentoring sessions are a one-on-one session or a group mentoring circle:

  • Respect the data privacy of between mentor and mentee. This includes sharing personal information between mentors and their mentees
  • Respect the confidentiality of your mentoring discussions
  • Be clear on the intention/purpose of sharing other people’s data/work and
  • Never share without the consent from the owner of the data. This includes sharing other people’s work as examples in your mentoring sessions.

We expect all participants to follow these rules at all IxDA Sydney Mentoring sessions.

How to report an issue

To report an issue concerning breach of these rules, please contact the IxDA Sydney Mentoring team immediately on Consequences of breaching the rules can include the immediate removal from the Mentoring Program.

For any further questions

If you have any doubts, please check with the IxDA Sydney Mentoring Team at

Mentoring Team

The current IxDA Sydney mentoring team are:

  • Verawaty Chan
  • Mary Nolan
  • Kevin Chan
  • Ulf Sthamer
  • Brenda Castro

We are here to support you!

Feel free to contact us on: