IxDA Sydney Podcast Season 2

Episode 1 | From spreadsheet to worldwide success: the incredible journey of ADPList

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Felix Lee, co-founder, and CEO of ADPList, the world’s largest mentorship platform for the tech industry. In this episode, we’ll hear Felix’s story and how ADPList came to be and discuss the importance of mentorship and its impact on careers.

We’ll be covering the following themes:

  • Felix’s background and journey before ADPList
  • The Singapore design scene and why design is integral to progressing organizations forward
  • The creation of ADPList and how the platform has evolved over time
  • ADPLists’s journey to finding product-market fit
  • The importance of democraticising mentorship in personal and professional growth
  • The future vision of ADPList and its continued impact on the tech industry

Started in 2021, ADPList is the world’s largest mentorship platform for people in tech industry. Since then, Felix has overseen ADPList’s growth to become a community of over ten thousand Mentors who have mentored over ten million minutes across 140+ countries and regions.

Felix has embedded his bold creative roots in ADPList’s culture, product and community. He’s been featured on Forbes, StraitsTime, Tech in Asia and Bloomberg.