IxDA Sydney June 2017 – You talkin’ to me?

Humans have been conversing to get things done for thousands of years. The rise of the speed and power of modern CPUs combined with fast networks and clever algorithms allow us to go beyond prepared scripts. Clever AI allow digital systems to adapt and learn from interactions, so that we now have new ways to automate conversations for a user goal.

This meetup centres on what Interaction Designers need to do and consider when approaching this new emerging interface.

Classification, cognition and the future of UX work

Donna Spencer

Come and learn about how categories, concepts and language work in our brains. An understanding of this is fundamentally important in any UX work that involves categorising, grouping and describing ideas with language. It’s only going to get more important as we start working with algorithms that affect what and how we offer services to our users.

Using Conversational UI to challenge our concept of an App

Jay Whittaker

Marshall McLuhan said “the medium is the message”, meaning the medium changes how the message is perceived. J will tell a story about how he came to prototype a conversational UI, and how this new medium challenged the team’s thinking. This is less about the ‘how’ of constructing a Conversational UI and more about the ‘why’. What thinking we needed to challenge and why this approach helped achieve that. In a broader sense it reflects the evolution of the industry in the past 5 or so years.

About Donna

portrait of DonnaDonna is a veteran UX freelancer, who has done all the UX things over the last 20 years, with a focus on information architecture and detailed design.

Donna on Twitter: maadonna
Website: maadmob.com.au

About Jay

portrait of JayJay is the Associate Director, Strategic Designer at Lab49. Jay has 12 years experience in Australia and the UK, working as a UX strategist, product manager and occasional futurist.

Jay on Slideshare: slideshare.net/JayWhittaker
Jay on Twitter: jaywhittaker1


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