IxDA Sydney April 2017 – Design Equality

In anticipation of GAAD on May 18, the IxDA Sydney April 2017 event focussed on the state of the Inclusive Design landscape and opens the door to what lies beyond the current state. Designing for all, Design Democracy and Inclusive Design are ways to describe aspects of design that include the spectrum of humanity in design decisions. It is both passionately advocated as well as insensitively dismissed; as you may guess, IxDA Sydney is a passionate advocate of Inclusive design. April’s Meetup had both a broad overview of Inclusivity, and in addition, IxDA Sydney is very pleased to have Tim Noonan present to us about the issues to be aware of, how to design for it, and some interesting advances in tech that are interesting.

Inclusive Service Design: Web, Mobile, Voice Interfaces and Beyond

Tim Noonan

Tim engagingly explores recent and emerging technological developments and the ways their designs can include (or exclude) different users. He discusses the role of accessibility standards and guidelines, and what we need to do when they don’t yet exist. Tim finishes with some key UX principles for designing and testing the fast-expanding field of voice-based systems and intelligent agents.

Everyone is different

Sarah Pulis

Sarah kicks off the session with a brief overview of what Inclusive Design is and why it is important for Interaction and Experience Designers to understand the value it has for all users. Design is creativity with constraints, and constraints can boost our creativity and spark innovation, resulting in a better experience for all. Sarah takes us through the fundamentals of designing for inclusion that will help us be both better designers as well as more creative problem solvers.

About the speakers

Tim Noonan

Tim Noonan has a degree in Cognitive Psychology & Education and has been instrumental in the fields of inclusive service design and voice user interface design since the early 90s. Tim is the principle author of several standards relating to automated voice systems, telephone-based speech recognition and four industry standards on the accessibility of electronic banking channels and inclusive authentication.

Tim was engaged as the lead Inclusive User Experience designer for iVote – a fully automated telephone-based and web-based voting system for the NSW Electoral Commission. Tim’s consulting clients have included: Westpac & St.George banks; AMP; Optus; NSW Ministry of Health; Red Energy and the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Tim on Twitter: twitter.com/TimNoonan
Tim’s website: www.timnoonan.com.au

Sarah Pulis

Sarah is co-founder and director of accessibility services for Intopia. She has worked in accessibility and inclusion in the digital space for 7 years, working with organisations strategically as well as at a project level. She is also founder of A11y Bytes and A11y Camp, Australia’s largest community digital accessibility events.
She likes to bang on about accessibility and inclusion – so watch out.

Sarah on Twitter: twitter.com/SarahTP
Intopia’s website: intopia.digital

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